Will I always know if I’ve had an orgasm? How can I tell?

Welcome to what I’m calling Orgasm Week!

My new online course for women – Epic Orgasms is being released next week, so to celebrate, I’m going to be sharing a whole week of shows on the female orgasm.

Today I’m answering a listener’s question: Will I always know if I’ve had an orgasm? How can I tell if I’ve had an orgasm?

So often, I hear that women have been told things like ‘you’ll just know when you’ve had one’ or ‘well, if you don’t know, you haven’t had one’. The truth is, that’s not always true.

I share the scientific definition of an orgasm … then add some feeling to that!

We often have these huge expectations on orgasm.  You know that scene from ‘When Harry met Sally’?  I can tell you that my orgasms don’t always look like that – and many women’s don’t.

Orgasms can be different sizes and intensities. Sometimes, they are huge, whole-body, toe-curling experiences, and sometimes, they’re small, silent, little releases.

Remember, what an orgasm feels like will be different for every woman – and will be different on different days.

And, if you still think you’ve never had an orgasm – or can orgasm by yourself, but not with a partner, stay tuned to the next couple of shows.

I’ll be talking about how you can have your first orgasm, have reliable orgasms with a partner and orgasm more frequently.

Isiah McKimmie

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