Secrets of a Sexually Liberated Woman

Do you ever wish you could ‘let go’ during sex and really enjoy yourself? Feel relaxed around sex? Do you want it to be fun, adventurous or more playful? Want more pleasure?

In today’s episode I want to share what it is that’s helped me on my journey to becoming a sexually empowered and liberated woman. 

I did not start my journey with sex feeling confident, empowered or sexually free. I was actually incredibly shy around sex.

I enjoyed sex, but I felt guilty about it for a long time. And I was too embarrassed to ask for what I wanted in bed.  I would hear my friends talk about how incredible sex was – or the things that they’d tried as I felt like I was missing out. I just felt like I was holding myself back.

In discovering my sexual freedom, I’ve learned to feel at home in my body. I’m more connected to my intuition. I feel more pleasure and flow in my entire life. My relationships are deeper, there’s an incredible intimacy in them now. Sex is more enjoyable than I imagined it could be. And I feel radiantly alive, sexy and confident –  on a daily basis.

So, how do we get there?

Well, having coached women for over 10 years, I can tell you it’s different for all of us, but we’ll start today with:

  • Getting out of your head + in to your body
  • Making your pleasure a priority – in life and in the bedroom
  • Shining a light on your inner sexual beliefs + break free
  • Getting real sex education + pleasure education
  • Learn to say no – so you can also say “hell yes!”
  • Explore and practice

Becoming a sexually liberated woman is a journey well worth taking. I encourage you to take the first step. 

Isiah McKimmie

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