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I believe giving ourselves permission to feel pleasure is so important.

I recently had a wonderful conversation with the lovely Sarah McGahan on The Truth Podcast. Take a listen as Sarah and I chat openly about Pleasure, Intimacy & Desire, as we touch on:

  • the dichotomy that exists between the ‘good woman’ and women who are seen as overly sexual
  • the connection between shame and sexual desire and how to manage it so we feel sexually empowered
  • getting out of your head and coming back into your body to experience increased pleasure
  • making intimacy a priority
  • the importance of foreplay
  • how to recreate a spark between a couple who are experiencing a decline in their sexual desire for one another
  • my advice to women who struggle with pleasure or reaching orgasm
  • why stress is both bad and good for our sex life
  • allowing and embracing sexual energy as life-force
  • learning to listen to the subtle nuances, reactions and emotions in our body to distinguish between intuition and fear

We also talk about what it takes to show up every day in your truth and be vulnerable.

I hope you embrace the practical tools we share to enhance your experience of powerful intimacy, loving sex, more pleasure and meaningful connections.

Sarah’s Story:

Sarah is an Intuitive Mentor who moved to Bali on a whim, with nothing more than a laptop and a dream to live a life beyond the constraints of society.

Fast forward four years and she now offers sessions and programs (creating profound shifts at an energetic and cellular level) to clients worldwide. Sarah guides her clients to move beyond their mind and into their heart (AKA their intuition), She helps people, just like you, release negative emotions and stuck energy so that you can uncover your truth, unlock your potential and live a life of soul purpose.

You can check out more on Sarah’s websitefacebook page or on Instagram.

I’d love to hear what resonates most with you so please feel free to leave me a comment or connect with me on Insta.

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