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Nude Yoga and Body Confidence with Rosie Rees

I am super excited to be speaking to my guest today. She is a woman whose work I have admired for a long time and who is out there radically changing people’s lives.

Rosie Rees is a Women’s Nude Yoga facilitator, a certified Kundalini & Hatha yoga teacher and a Relationship Coach. She is also a crystal sex toy entrepreneur.

We’re chatting about:

  • What inspired Rosie’s idea to teach yoga naked
  • Her journey from that first small class to sell-out workshops around the country; and
  • We get up close and personal talking about self-pleasure and discovering what we like.

Enjoy beauties!


Rosie shares the message of self acceptance, liberation and body-love through feminine breath, sound and movement techniques. She also shares the Yoni Egg and Crystal Pleasure Wand practice with women who want to connect with their Yoni and boost their life-force energy through sexual healing.

You can find more about Rosie and her work on her website or Instagram or the Yoni Pleasure Palace website or Instagram pages.

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