7 Tips for Better Lesbian Sex

Even if it’s already good, nearly every woman would like to add some extra spark to her sex life. The good news is that often small changes can make a big difference. These seven tips for better lesbian sex are simple and easy, but they can make sex more pleasurable for you and your lover.

1) Be sure to have lube on hand. Depending on how well you or your lover naturally lubricate, you may want to use lube before any type of penetration, even fingers.. Lube not only makes penetration more comfortable, but often more pleasurable, too.

2) Rub your lover’s outer labia to produce a gentle sensation and warm her up. Then open her labia and start to play with her clitoris. Build it up until she’s happy with the .tempo

3) Two inches into the vagina on the upper wall lies the G-spot. Flexing and bending two fingers in a “come hither” motion is the best way to stimulate it.(My article Lesbian Fingering for a Combined Clitoral and G-Spot Orgasm reveals how to combine G-spot and clitoral stimulation with amazing results)

4) Massage your lover’s breasts slowly and cup them in your hands. Do not neglect them during lovemaking. They are one of the top perks of lesbian sex! (My article Lesbian Breast and Nipple Play has some sexy moves to try.)

5) If you think that your sex is becoming boring, switch up the order! Try fingering before breast play or penetration before oral sex. Sex should never fall into a routine.

6) If you find yourself bored with the bedroom, you can switch up the setting. Take your sexual activities to theliving room, the kitchen, or even outdoors! Be careful where you choose, though 

7) When it comes to taking your sex life to a new level, experimenting with sex toys can lead to lots of fun. From vibrators to dildos to nipple clamps,sex toys can add an extra dimension to your sex life.

The one constant in your sex life should be change. Nothing lowers the sex drive like boredom. With these seven tips, yo can spice things up and keep things exciting in the bedroom – or elsewhere. 

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By Svetlana Ivanova

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