5 Oral Sex Techniques Every Lesbian Should Know

For many women, oral sex is the most reliable way for them to achieve orgasm with a partner. Not surprisingly, it was rated the most popular lesbian sexual practice, according to at least one sex survey. Since most lesbians enjoy oral sex, it’s important to know how to make it fun and pleasurable. Here are five oral sex techniques that every lesbian should know.

1) Tracing

Tracing the vaginal lips is a great warm-up technique, and if your lover is super-sensitive, it may be all she needs to achieve orgasm. Using the lip of your tongue, use light (but wet) flicks from the bottom of the labia minora and majora up to the clitoris and then down again, alternating with light kisses on the inside of the thighs, either side of the vulva, and where the two meet.

2) Circling.

Circling is a great follow-up to tracing the lips. Place your tongue one side of the clitoris. Then begin moving your tongue either in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Your lover will become extremely aroused because it feels wonderful to have so much stimulation outside the clitoral hood.

3) Sweeping.

Sweeping is an easy oral sex technique to perform. Place your tongue one side of her clitoris and move from side to side as though you were sweeping a floor. Use both fast and slow strokes to keep your lover guessing what’s coming next.

4) Flicking

Spread your lover’s outer vaginal lips with your fingers. Then, with your tongue pointed, gently flick your tongue around her clitoris. You can also stimulate other areas of her vulva, but keep coming back to her clitoris. This drives some women wild with desire, although others find it too intense. When flicking her clitoris be sure to start out gently until you can see how your lover reacts.

5) Sucking

Sucking the clitoris provides a different sensation than circling or flicking. To begin, expose your lover’s clitoris by spreading her vaginal lips and then exposing the hood. Take her clitoris into your mouth gently and suck on it. Release it and then repeat for as long as your lover wants you to.

Oral sex is a popular sexual practice among lesbians for good reason. It is not only pleasurable, but also an extremely intimate act. These five techniques can make one of your favorite sexual activies even more fun and exciting. 

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By Svetlana Ivanova

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