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What attracts you the most to your date?

For many people, it’s their smell. Helped largely by the pheromones that help make up your natural scent, it can be a match made in heaven when you’re attracted to the scent of your date.

Of course, many of us prefer not to rely on our natural scents, and instead create something that smells romantic and enticing. The perfume industry is worth billions across the globe, and there’s a reason we wear so much of it – to smell attractive to others.

Want to be a scent-sation on your next date? Of course you do! Which is where layering your scent can help. Learn the secrets of scent layering and impress your date, or simply smell incredible wherever you go.

Fragrance layering – what’s that?

You layer your clothes, layer a salad, and yes – you can layer your fragrance too. But what does that mean?

Fragrance layering actually started in the Middle East. It is the art of wearing multiple types of fragrance products such as creams, oils, perfumes, etc., in order to create a scent that’s unique to you. The true meaning of signature scent, you’re not restricted to one type of perfume – you can build up a fragrance that best reflects your personality and tastes.

Choosing the right smell

More and more perfumers are creating fragrances that can be easily blended to create your perfect signature scent. Jo Malone, Byredo, Diptyque and other luxury fragrance brands create simple, but divine fragrances that can be worn alone, or brought together to create your own special blend.

Before you settle on your fragrance elements, choose products that you like, and that bring a smile to your face. Before you commit to them on your body, try them out on a piece of paper first to get a feel of how they work well together.

If it’s a magic potion you’re looking to create before your date, consider notes of vanilla or floral scents. We all know that romance is bizarre, but did you know that some scents, like cinnamon, jasmine, sandalwood, and even popcorn, are actually aphrodisiacs? Choosing your scent wisely could boost the attraction between you and your date.

Layering your scent

Start with clean skin

To get the most effective result from scent layering, you’ll want to start with clean skin. A bath filled with a fragrant oil is the perfect way to start the layering process, followed by your shower gel.


It’s important that your skin is hydrated to ensure a long-lasting scent. You could begin by using a rich-scented moisturiser to act as a base note, choosing something that works well with multiple scents. You could always opt for an oil-based product for a more luxurious feel, tapping into the Middle Eastern scent layering traditions.

Apply your base note

You can create a stronger base by adding some perfume of the fragrance in your moisturiser. This will be the richer part of your scent, so choose something that you like. Vanilla, rose, or woody fragrances make a great starting point.

Add some lighter top notes

The top notes of your fragrance should be much lighter – a spritz or two is all you need to compliment your original scent. Something zesty or a lighter floral can complement your fragrance perfectly, creating a wonderful blend.

You should experiment with different fragrance combinations that make you feel your best. You’ll likely discover some surprising combinations that you’ll go back to wearing again

and again. Not everything will work, so try not to go overdo it – you don’t want to be left with a headache from all those scents!

It’s not just for women…

Layering fragrance isn’t just something that women can do – men can layer their fragrances too. Give a try! Next time you’ve got a big date coming up, see if layering up your scent can win your dream date over – just try not to go overboard!

Fragrance layering – a formula for success?

If there was a magic potion to find love, wouldn’t we all have tried it? As a good confidence booster and a way to pamper yourself before a big date, some scent layering can help you get your game face on and give you that extra lift that you need.

Fragrance layering can help you smell incredible, but when it’s not a match, it’s not a match. You can but try to get yourself that second date, so long as they are worthy of you too.

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