Want to know the wrong way to flirt with men?

In this video, I give flirting tips on how to flirt with guys and the flirting mistakes and flirting fails that turn men off.

If you want flirting secrets on how to flirt with your crush, and know the wrong way to flirt with a guy then watch now to up your flirting game and say goodbye to flirting gone wrong!

Flirting tips | How not to flirt with a guy

1:Don’t make it sexual

Flirting is about being fun and cheeky ,it’s not abut being super sexual or revealing more skin. It’s all about having the right balance between mystery , tease and initiating.

2: Don’t stare him down

Whilst eye contact is one of the important and easy ways to indicate interest , it’s all about the length of time you hold his eye contact for. Ideally it shouldn’t be for more than 3 seconds.

3: Smile with your eyes more than your teeth.

When we fake smile or smile too hard , so it isn’t genuine , we don’t come across as flirty! Try to smile more with your eyes rather than just your teeth so he can see that you are genuinely happy around him.

4: Keep touching to a minimal

If you start groping him , then he will think you either only want sex or you don’t know the meaning of personal space. Don’t be afraid to touch , just do it in an area that isn’t erogenous or intimate and make sure you break contact in between .

5: Laugh only if it feels normal

Fake laughing , or laughing just for the sake of it can make things pretty awkward very fast. If he isn’t funny then just smile instead and turn it into a little jest and tease about why he isn’t funny . Don’t force laughter as it won’t come across sexy of flirtatious !

6:  Don’t flirt with his mates!

Yes this does happen , and it isn’t exactly setting the right impression! Trying to make him jealous by flirting with his mates is not the way to signal to him that you value and are attracted to him! Be friendly and warm with his friends , but give the attention to him!

7: Be subtle with the kissing

If you want to initiate the kiss , then lean in but don’t go all the way . Tease him a little and spark that desire by stopping just before the kiss is sealed. If you come across too strong or aggressive he may feel a little turned off!

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