6 Reasons Straight Women Experiment With Other Women

A sex survey has found a dramatic increase in lesbian activity in the UK, and it’s likely the same in the United States. The “besties with benefits” phenomenon (straight women having sex with their BFFs) is part of this trend. What causes straight women to experiment sexually with other women? There seem to be six main reasons.

1) For the emotional connection

Women share everything with their friends, so sharing a sexual experience may not be that big a leap for some. Knowing what her lover is feeling makes for a strong emotional connection during sex. Plus, women tend to give a lot of feedback and encouragement, so a sexual experience with another women can be quite emotionally gratifying.

2) Because they’re tired of men

After a few failed or just boring relationships with men, it may seem easier to rely on their female friends to fulfill their needs, including their sexual needs. This is especially true if they have found straight sex to be more disappointing than satisfying.

3) Because it’s different

Women like to change things up sexually, and lesbian sex is the ultimate change-up. It’s slower, more sensual, and more orgasmic than straight sex. It usually ends with cuddling instead of a pounding, too. 

4) Because women’s bodies are sexy

A recent study found that most straight women are aroused by other women. Women are beautiful, soft, and smell nice – and they have boobs. Everybody loves boobs. 

5) Because women are better at cunnilingus

Women know how to please other women, including when it comes to oral sex. Having the same body parts along with the experience of being on the receiving end undoubtedly are big advantages. Even first-timers are often surprisingly good at it.

6) Alcohol consumption

Having lesbian sex for the first time under the influence of alcohol may be a cliché, but it definitely happens. Alcohol consumption is more of an excuse than a reason, but it makes all the other reasons more persuasive.

Only time will tell whether straight women experimenting with lesbian sex is a fad or a trend, but the reasons for it won’t be going away soon. As long as women find straight relationships emotionally or sexually unsatisfying, there will be the temptation to try something new and different. 

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By Svetlana Ivanova

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