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The ultimate shopgirls’ swimwear guide

Did you know that it takes about 10 minutes for the average M|D customer to decide on a lingerie set, but well over an hour to choose a bathing suit or bikini? With these tips from my own swimwear experts you’ll shop like a pro.

Don’t worry, it’s completely normal to need more time than usual when you buy swimwear. “You feel the whole beach will be watching you,” store manager Daphne Rijkenberg explains. “Whereas with lingerie, it’s usually for you and your husband’s eyes only.” Plus the list of things to consider seems endless: can I swim in it, can I tan in it, is this colour too bright, is this pattern too bold? So I’ve asked my own awesome shopgirls to come up with a mini swimwear-shopping crash course, just for you:

1. Don’t be shy, try!
Daphne: “Believe me, what they say about clothes goes for swimwear too: it looks different on the hanger. Try it on! Also: don’t be set on being either a bikini- or bathingsuit person. The cut of our bikinis is so flattering that I’ve been able to convince women who never wore a bikini before to go for one.” Store manager Raffaella Gargiulo adds: “You would be surprised to see how good curves can look in a bikini!” She also urges women to step out of their comfort zone when it comes to colours: “Colours you usually wouldn’t wear might look amazing on your skin!”

2. Plan your tan
Want an even tan? Choose swimwear with less elaborate straps, or straps that you can wear different ways; both crossed and straight. (Daphne recommends the papillon bikini top for this) Also: if you want a beautiful tan on your cleavage, try going for a slightly more revealing top than your usual lingerie preference. For example: a plunge balcony instead of a balcony.

3. Think big, try small.
Curvy women tend to go for a larger model bikini bottom, with the idea that this hides their curves and makes them look thinner. But actually, a smaller model bottom can have a much more slimming effect! Raffaella recommends the tie and bow briefs. Just give it a try! Also, remember that swimwear tends to stretch out a bit more than lingerie. So always be generous, except when you’re picking bikini bottom sizes…

By Marlies Dekkers

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