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30 Relationship Goals For Gay Guys

Don’t you just love to hate those ridiculously adorable couples who seem to always share each other’s clothing, music taste, and ice cream cones?

Regardless of the maturity of the relationship between two guys, there are clear markers of healthy interaction that can help it grow even stronger. I don’t think anyone enters a relationship with the intention of putting in subpar effort, and it’s safe to say that most guys are disappointed when these relationships do not last, and all the energy they have put in feels pointless. Everyone wants to be that adorable couple that everyone envies, and part of building these connections is learning how to balance the other by establishing relationship goals.

Every gay relationship takes on it’s own unique trademarks that make it special. From physical cues and body language, to inside jokes and shared clothing, the key is to form commonalities both partners vibe with. Taking into account the silly, the serious, and the adorable, here are 30 gay relationship goals you probably love to hate.

1. Creating funny pet names for each other that everyone else finds annoying (hint: the weirder, the better)

2. Taking his car for a wash without telling him

3. Designing complementing Halloween costumes that describe your relationship (think Ash/Pikachu or Sia/Maddie)

4. Cooking & meal-prepping together. You want your man eating only the best!

5. Washing & folding each other’s laundry

6. Buying small but thoughtful holiday presents for your boyfriend’s nieces/nephews when you go to visit

7. Getting gym memberships at the same club and working out together!

8. Cooking an egg-white and broccoli omelet for his breakfast, placing it in a Krispy Kreme donut box, and bringing him a healthy breakfast in bed! Gotcha!

9. Going thrift shopping together

10. Ordering personalized matching bathrobes 

11. Complementing arbitrary body parts of his

12. Going out for tacos and sticking your tongues out at others around you

13. Shopping for clothing for him that you know will fit you too 

14. Going fake dildo shopping in a crowded sex store. “Hey babe, what about this one? Too veiny?”

15. Being each other’s personal masseuse

16. Secretly ordering delivery from his favorite asian restaurant and surprising him when it arrives

17. Going to music festivals and concerts together and discovering new music you both love

18. Memorizing the verses to an adorable musical duet to sing at karaoke (think “Love is an Open Door” from Frozen)

19. Setting a picture of yourself as his lock background without telling him

20. Making sure his friends know that you’re a total weirdo, but you’re crazy about your man

21. Taking his ass to Red Lobster

22. Rooting for opposing contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race

23. Finishing a box of wine together while binge-watching a terrible series

24. Giggling while having sex

25. Taking shirtless pics at the beach together #instacouple

26. Learning how to make his favorite cocktail at home

27. Reenacting the Ikea shopping scene from 500 Days of Summer

28. Traveling to Gay Pride festivals around the world together

29. Going to each other’s haircut appointments to make sure the stylist cuts it just right

30. Showering together (to save water, of course!)

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