How to Give Your Lover a Sensual Butt Massage

Your lover’s butt is one of the sexiest parts of her body, not only to look at, but also to touch. The gluteus maximus, the main muscle that gives each buttock its round shape, is one of the largest muscles of the body, which means that it loves being massaged. You can incorporate butt massage into a full-body erotic massage, use it as preparation for anal play, or just make it a treat by itself.

To give a butt massage, have your lover lie on her stomach with her legs slightly parted. Slide your hands to her buttocks, using a massage oil. Three of the best are almond, coconut, and jojoba. Alternate between the following three types of massage techniques:


Friction consists of pressing small, specific areas, which induces a very pleasant, relaxing sensation. Push the tip of the thumb downward and make short rotating movements to achieve a deeper penetration. Friction has a pain-relieving effect and stimulates blood circulation.


Kneading consists of vigorous movements that imitate the kneading of dough, and is especially helpful for releasing accumulated tension. To do it, press the skin between your thumb and fingers and sink the thumb into the muscle mass. With your fingers, push the muscle toward you again. Press, push, and lift the skin with your hands, alternating between one and the other. To make things more interesting, try this: holding as much of each buttock in your hand as you can, move her cheeks in circles, spreading them and letting them get back together again.


Rubbing consists of place=ubg your hands flat on your lover’s back, with your fingers relaxed, and applying pressure. Make small, circular movements with your thumbs or the pads of your fingers, traveling up the inside edges of her butt cheeks and back down the outsides. This has a relaxing effect and soothes the nerves located under the skin..

If your lover is one of those women who like to spice things up with a little roughness, throw in some pats or slaps on the butt from time to time. Otherwise, just stick to the basic techniques and go for the relaxing effect. Just massaging away accumulated stress and tension is leaves most women feeling loved and pampered.

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By Svetlana Ivanova

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