5 Ways Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Sex Life

Sleeping is an activity that should not be compromised.

A person, to be fully active and healthy, has to sleep 8 to 9 hours per day. Moreover, if you will not adhere to such regimen, you will suffer from a variety of repercussions.

Of course, the consequences of being sleep deprived is something that you can’t take lightly. It can be fatal at some point. Along the way, you will suffer from unwanted complications–and that includes your sex life.

Well, it is not a surprise if this is the case. After all, sex and sleep are two things that happen in your bedroom. Here are five ways sleep deprivation affects your sex life.

Lowers Less Sperm Count

If you are a guy, this one should worry you. Apparently, there is a link between infertility and inability to sleep. According to a particular study, it has been confirmed that men who don’t sleep well have a lower sperm count. The quality of their semen has been significantly depreciated, too.

There’s a scientific explanation for this. Take into account that your “natural clock regulates the hormonal secretion of our body.”If you can’t sleep properly, your circadian rhythm is also affected. As a result, your body will never reach the abundance in reproductive hormones.

One of my neighbours is having difficulties in bearing a child. The couple, albeit the success of their respective careers, is too stressed and overworked. Although they are doing their best to make a baby, it seems that issues of fertility are striking them hard. And that’s not easy for anyone to bear…

Causes Erectile Dysfunction

This one is another caveat that men should not ignore. If you think that you can’t just go with your day even you are sleepless, you are wrong. There are some studies already that suggest the connection between erectile dysfunction and lack of sleep. Moreover, you don’t need to become a mad scientist to understand what this means.

Less sleep makes you soft. Moreover, you will remain soft if you won’t regulate your sleep back to normal. If you want to have a steamy action in your bed, then you have to make sure that you can stay hard for as long as you can. Otherwise, your partner could be a little disappointed.

When it comes to sex, let’s just say both people involve from having a harder penis than not!

Decreases Testosterone Level

One should know that your appetite toward sex is affected by certain hormones. For men and women, it is their testosterone. You can’t have sex, to begin with, if you have no libido. There’s no urge for you to sprawl and spice up your night if your testosterone level is on an all-time low. You wouldn’t want that especially if you are meeting prospective partners.

Adults will require at least seven hours of sleep. Any lower than this can cause sleep deprivation. Moreover, when you can’t sleep, your libido will just hit the sack. You have to avoid such predicament if you want to maximize your overall performance in the bed.

Makes You Stressful

A person who can’t sleep properly during the night is very susceptible to stress. It is that agitating experience when you feel that you are carrying the burdens of the world and everything is going downhill. Sadly, it is not a rare thing considering that every one of us is subjected to it.

Stress is not good for your health. It causes a lot of adverse effects. When it comes to your sex life, stress is not a good thing either. When you don’t sleep, your body tends to release much cortisol. This one is the very hormone that triggers stress.

When there is a high presence of cortisol, sex drive is affected negatively. However, amusingly, cortisol decreases when you reach orgasm.

Causes Emotional Disorders

You might be wondering how emotional disorders can affect your sex life. Well, you see, irregular emotions like depression and anxiety cause you to be “cold” toward sex.

However, this should not surprise you anymore. Have you ever tried having sex while you are sad? No, right?

Some might do the deed while in such weary condition, but the pleasure they feel are not heightened. You have to remember that your emotional health is vital to your overall welfare. Many things can be affected if your mood is down and out.

Several proofs link emotional disorders and sleep deprivation. You have to prevent this by having a good night sleep on a mattress with appropriate materials.

Wrapping it Up

If you want to double your sexual performance and appetite, getting the right amount of sleep is necessary. One cannot have the guns if your body has not been reloaded and refreshed. Sleep well first, and you can have great sexual encounters every time!

That’s it for now. For questions and suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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