The start of a new year is always an exciting time to set yourself up for a new focus. And if finding a soulmate and compatible relationship is on your radar, then now is the time to start doing the groundwork.

It’s no secret that our past experiences of being ghosted, catfished or dating someone who can’t commit knocks about our confidence. Learning to be vulnerable again, knowing what to wear on a first date, right through to trusting yourself to fall in love with the right person are all fears we face when wanting to find love again.

So here are 5 dating advice tips to boost your confidence and get you ready to date again:

 1. Let go of the past

The longer you hold onto the hurt of men who couldn’t commit or were players, the more you hinder yourself from moving forward. We can’t change the past but we can choose to build a happier present. Confidence grows when we water the things that edify it.

2. Be clear on what you want

When you have a clear picture of what you want and need in a partner and relationship, you then have a point of direction to work towards. This covers everything from the fundamental qualities of compatibility right through to the trivial extras such as their list of hobbies!

3. Learn the art of self-love

The first step to building confidence is learning to love who you are in every present state. Whilst we are all a work in progress, self-acceptance and grace towards ourselves is key to being able to attract a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Simply because the relationship you have with yourself determines the level of your happiness and the quality of every other relationship you allow into your life.

4. Revamp your style

When we look good we feel good, and it’s no secret that men love a confident woman! Whilst confidence isn’t just about our appearance but rather a mind-set, it does help when we know what to wear on the first date that leaves a lasting impression. Don’t be afraid to start to really invest in your wardrobe, style or look because our appearance plays a big part in our own happiness and the initial attraction phase.

5. Consistency builds confidence

 There will be times you may want to give up because dates just aren’t going to plan (or you’ve dated another commitment phoebe!). But the key is to keep going and stay consistent in what you know will ultimately get you the relationship you deserve.

We build confidence through two things: preparation and practice. When you can identify the areas you battle with, you can then learn to fine tune them so they turn from struggles into strengths.

This was originally posted and written for eHarmony. 

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