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This Valentine’s, don’t wait around for that love-note or those fancy chocolates to feel loved and desired. Express yourself to fall in love with yourself, now!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Valentine’s day. Sure, the concept of the traditional ‘valentine’ -a handcrafted love note- has been somewhat commercialized, but V-day is still a much-needed celebration of love (and a wonderful excuse to wear your most gorgeous lingerie of course!). There is, however, one aspect I dislike with a passion, and that is Valentine’s emphasis on waiting: waiting for that card or those chocolates, waiting to get asked on a date, waiting to feel loved by that one special person.

Why would you limit yourself like that? Love is everywhere! In each small, graceful gesture, in every great work of art. Most of all, it’s inside YOU, waiting to be expressed. I chose lingerie to express my love for women. And through my designs, I tell my stories of love, turning each aspect -from seduction to separation- into art. Frida Kahlo, my muse for this season’s collections, turned her personal passion and pain into paintings of stunning beauty. What is your artistic expression for your love?

Let’s find out this Valentine’s! Rather than being stuck waiting, get your creative juices flowing. For example, don’t expect chocolates, but pour your heart into making them yourself. (I suggest the delicious 3-ingredient raw chocolate bonbons that you can find on my blog with some sexy, Valentine-flavored additions such as cinnamon, cherries or dried red chillies). And instead of waiting for a Valentine’s card, why don’t you grab your paints and brushes and create your own tribute to love?

And that’s just the beginning. Start celebrating your talents, now! First, dare to dream: what have you always wanted to do? Paint, sing, write erotic stories? Don’t be shy, nothing is too crazy or far-fetched!

Then, dare to grow: learn, study all night, sign up for that pottery-workshop in Kyoto. Yes, you might fail and get frustrated, but that’s all part of the process. Persevere. Then, in time, you’ll be ready for the final step: dare to be. And that’s the moment you realize you are no longer waiting for love, because you are already in love: with yourself and the world.

Happy Valentine’s, let love rule! 

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