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You’ve been through a lot of things in the past, but you were able to get through all of these by talking and setting aside your differences.

This has been your routine whenever misunderstandings happen. However, you and your partner have been getting into several arguments recently.

You’re in a situation where many problems are not resolved, and then another one comes into the picture. Your relationship today is just a cycle of a problem after problem, and neither of you is willing to talk. Although you don’t want to admit it, your relationship is on the rocks.

You’re ready to do anything just to patch things up, and you’re even considering exercising together as the way to go. Your friends have recommended this, and you’re willing to give it a shot.


The idea of exercising together to save your relationship may be new to you – you’ve known how most couples would turn to counselling or weekend getaways just to rekindle the romance, but not exercising.

But you’re desperate and you’re willing to try anything just to save the 9-year long relationship. To convince you that what you’re doing can be beneficial in the long run, here are the reasons why exercising together can help save your relationship:


  1. Exercise can reduce stress:  

 When you’re stressed from work, you’ll have the tendency to carry that kind of mood whenever you spend time with your partner. So instead of being happy with what is happening with your partner, chances are, you’ll be at each other’s throat.

This kind of behavior can become the reason for petty disputes.


  • One of the best stress-relievers which you can do anytime, anywhere is exercise. Once you do any exercise, like jogging, weight lifting or going to the gym, your body will release endorphins which will put you in a better mood.


  • Once you’re happier, you’ll be able to stay chill and you can easily avoid a fight even if your partner is pushing your buttons. You’ll be able to maintain your calmness even if your partner can’t – because fighting fire with fire is never good, right?


  • Start looking for physical activities you and your partner can do together. You can do ballroom sessions or play outdoor sports. Talk to your partner about this and make sure what you’ll be doing as exercise is something that both of you actually enjoy.


  1. Exercise can improve your sexual life:     

You and your partner will always need private time between the sheets. And no matter how you try to deny it, this things matter to keep the relationship strong.

Having sex with your partner is no longer a want but a need, as this maintains a level of intimacy which is only shared between the two of you.

  • Exercising increases blood flow throughout your body which includes your nether region. If this happens, you’ll be more responsive to stimulation. You’ll be excited whenever your partner asks you to do the deed. Yes, exercising can do this!


  • The days spent exercising can also improve your mileage when having sex. The longer you’ll spend time doing any type of exercise, the longer you’ll last with your partner during those private moments.


  • It’ll be easier for you to satisfy your partner in bed once you exercise. You’ll become physically capable of doing what it takes to ensure that you and your partner will be very happy.


  1. Exercise can make you look attractive in your partner’s eyes:  

Regardless of how many years you’ve been together, there should always be attraction. You should always take the time to make sure that you still look good every day for your partner to continually grow interest in you.

Aside from buying new garments or fixing your hair, you can get the same results when you and your partner exercise together.


  • You’re hesitant to exercise together because your partner might see you during your not-so-best days – with sweaty hands, shortness of breath and a racing pulse. Don’t fret because on the contrary, all of these can thrill romantic attraction.


  • The responses you get after exercising are similar – in more ways than one – to physical arousal. Once your partner sees on your sweaty gym attire, bask in the moment because this will boost your attractiveness in your partner’s eyes.


  1. Exercise can improve your memory:

You’ve been together with your partner for years and for sure, there are several things which you should remember – your anniversary dates, your partner’s birthday and even your partner’s working schedule. If you forget to treat your partner to something special during important dates primarily because you forgot, disagreement is expected to happen.


  • Whenever you do any cardio exercises, your brain’s level of dopamine increases. This is a neurotransmitter which helps the brain’s reward and pleasure center and this can improve your memory over time.


  • Aside from remembering important dates, you’ll be able to become more thoughtful. The reaction that your body has whenever you exercise allows you to have that fuzzy feeling in your stomach and heart area. You can acknowledge that feeling by sending your partner a card or a bouquet of flowers – and surprises will always make your partner happy.


You’ve invested a lot of time and effort just to keep your relationship alive, and you don’t want simple problems to get in the way. Sure, the idea of exercising as means of saving your relationship can be uncommon, but it might work for you.

As long as you keep in mind your goal for doing this and you take the time to resolve issues along the way, exercising can do wonders for your relationship.

You’ll not only be able to make amends with your partner, but you’re more conscious of your health all at the same time, and that’s a pretty sweet deal! You may also strengthen your muscles as well which will help reduce your trip to the physio. We hope you liked this article.


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