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Yes, wearing the right bottoms will improve your life.

I am a firm believer in matching bras and bottoms, and you should be one too! If you are not already a matching devotee, let me convince you…

Let’s start with the obvious: it looks good!

You’ve invested in a gorgeous marlies|dekkers bra, now imagine combining it with a random pair of bottoms. Yes, the bra looks good and so do you, but now imagine that same bra with a pair of bottoms specially designed for the bra, that shares its features and completes it!

However, my main reason to love matching lingerie is not that it looks good, but that it FEELS good. I aim to empower women with my designs, and matching bras and bottoms can give you an extra push of confidence. It’s a great way to start the day: doing something for you. During the rest of your day it will probably not be visible to anyone that you’re wearing a matching set, but you KNOW it. You know you’ve started of your day loving yourself. Women of the matching kind know this to be true, but for the non-believers out there: wearing matching bottoms and bras can give you a completely different mindset throughout your day. It instantly gives you the feeling that ‘you got it together’.

Well Miss Match, have I convinced you? Here are some tips to make matching your lingerie easier:

Buy the bottoms you actually want to wear

We always offer a minimum of two bottoms shapes for every collection. One for the ladies that love to cover (briefs or shorts), and one for the ladies that love to bare (a thong). Take the one you will actually want to wear. Visit our fitting room for more information about our different bottoms shapes.

Store your bottoms with your bra

In a drawer stuffed with panties, sometimes with bad lighting, it’s hard to find the right one. Store your bottoms with your bra so you will never have to search for your matching set.

Buy two

Consider buying two pairs of bottoms, because you will probably wear the bra more than once before washing it.

Matching doesn’t have to be exact

Black Dame de Paris bottoms have the same stunning graphic lines as the red one; all Space Odyssey bras feature the same round-shaped details; the colors of our ms. Bow bottoms match the colors of our signature collection; consider combining the black lines of the Leading Strings and Spider.

Go on, just give it a try, choosing your bottoms with deliberation will do the trick!

by Marlies Dekkers

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