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How To Do The Perfect Make-Up For A First Date!

If you are going on a casual first date then I would suggest you keep the look as natural as you can.

For me, the casual and simple look is best, but if you still want to do makeup then today we will give you some fantastic tips by which you can impress  your first date.

The casual look is the best look and let’s face it first impressions count!  Too much make-up on a first date can come across as too formal , especially if you are having a causal coffee .

Let’s have a simple and best look at your first makeup date:

  1. Moisturizer is the biggest essential:

If you are just using a tined moisturiser , try to match the moisturizer same with your skin color.Make sure that you spread it all over your face and down your neck.

Always use that moisturizer that agrees with your skin otherwise these products easily react on your skin and nobody wants a face rash for a first date!

They key here is using face moisturiser as a form of a primer , so that you skin stays hydrated and your face looks dewy and delicious !


  1. Work on your skin first:

If you are a foundation queen like me , then you will know that it’s best applied with a sponge. Don’t forget to match your skin tone  and blend into toe hair line and down the neck , no foundation masks here!

Now concealer is your new best friend , so whilst it may be tempting to just streak it on every blemish , use it sparingly .

Don’t forget to give your self a light power off , mainly in the t-zone.


  1. Cheeks are the Center of Attention:

Cheeks are the first prominent thing on your skin and when you use any powder try to use it in pink or lighter shade if you a fair skin. Put it on the apple of your cheeks and sweep up.   Spread it with sponge or brush along the powder and rub it also on your nose. ( but not so it looks like you are Rudolph)

You see blush gives us that lit-from-within feel and makes us look younger and alive . Remember that less is more with blush 😉


  1. Light Lipstick is the best option:

When you are going on a casual date, try to keep the lip to a minimum. Although dark or bold themes are in these days, the natural and simple look is evergreen.

Try to match the lipstick color with your cheekbones shade.  Or if you aren’t a lippy girl than just stick to a tinted gloss to give your lips a bit of shine and juicy look!


  1. Eyebrows, never forget:

Your eyebrows frame the face and help bring balance to the whole look . A good set of brows can change your life!

Always use the soft brush to comb out your eyebrows in the direction of your hair grows. Now I like to use a combination of an eyebrow gel and then a powder over the top . But feel free to experiment with pencils as well , just blend them a little after.

Snd of course the best brush for this is  an angle brush .


Look I know I said 5 but I have to insist that you also apply a good dosage of mascara , as it helps to open up and frame the eyes , which will be the centre of his attention!

Have fun ladies and happy dating!

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