Here’s why men struggle to commit

Recently I did a video on my Youtube channel about why men struggle to commit.

It listed just a few of the common reasons, and the best part was that I had lots of males emailing me saying I was spot on! #phew

It’s the biggest question that I get asked: Why do men struggle to commit?” and it’s something that I am making it my mission to turn around.

You see men DO want to commit, but yes, they struggle, because they are wired completely different to women.

Like us, they have the fear that they will commit to the wrong person, only difference is they are more actionable about avoiding it.

In my experience a lot of women are happy to take a second-rate commitment over no commitment at all. Whereas men will just not commit…and that is something that maybe we should admire instead of punish them for.

But of course, there are exceptional women out there, like yourself who still struggles to get a man to give you the same level of commitment you are already offering him.

The Man Magnet: The 3 Steps To Getting Him To Commit 

So, then it becomes a little bit of a deeper matter.

This isn’t about turning an issue into something impossible, but rather understanding the WHY’s behind men’s battle to commit.

So, let’s look at a few reasons right now:

1: Men NEED challenge and chase in a relationship


You hear me say this all the time, take away the chase and you take away a major component of what it takes to make him feel fulfilled.


2: Men want a teammate


They need to know that the woman they are dating is someone who brings value to the table and isn’t high maintenance, insecure, lazy or about to put him on a pedal stool and lose her identity.


3: Men need to be seduced both mentally and physically before they can be won over emotionally.


He wants to know that the woman he dates is able to offer him more than sex, but at the same time make him want to have sex with her…make sense?


4: He wants to know you are able to handle him


In short, he doesn’t want a bossy nag, or a door mat, he wants a woman who knows her worth and isn’t afraid to communicate that.


Truth is all of the above is easier to learn about and master than you think. It’s simply a matter of learning how and what to do and then putting it into practice.


If you are constantly dating men who struggle to commit, then there are only 2 possible reasons why. 1: you are dating the wrong men. 2: You are doing the wrong thing.


So, I challenge you to work out which one it is and to do something about it so you can have the progress you want. This is your life, and a committed and edifying relationship is out there waiting for you.

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