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6 health benefits of falling in love

Falling in love is one of the most amazing feelings and it is unlike any other experience. Everyone has felt loved or loved someone in their life but does it have any health benefits? Today we are going to find out what are the health benefits of falling and staying in love.

1: It can heal us in more ways than one.


Love can heal. A study done by The Ohio State University showed that wounds heal faster for couples who are happily married as compared to couples who have a hostile relationship. Thought to be due to the presence of the compound cytokines released when a person is sad, alone and subject to abuse.

So you are better of on your own than being in a toxic relationship which will increase your stress and leave you vulnerable to injury.


2: Our chemistry changes for the better.

Love is all about chemical reactions, let me explain how? There are three stages of falling in love and there are different chemicals involved in each stage. The first stage – lust is driven by the sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen which gets couples sexually attracted to each other.

Dopamine, adrenaline, and serotonin are released during the second stage – attraction, which is responsible for spending hours daydreaming about your new lover. Oxytocin and vasopressin are released on the third stage which is responsible for getting couples attached and committed.

When you fall in love, it can trigger the brain to release a series of chemicals, and each hormone has its own health benefits on the body. But be careful, you might easily get addicted to love depending on how everything turns out.

If all goes well you will feel happy but if something goes wrong you might feel horrible.


3:It makes us want to be active. 

Sometimes the motivation you need to workout can be right in front of your eyes. Couple goals in fitness are a great way to reach positive health milestones. From competing against each other to using fitness as a date night can be some of the perks of staying committed.

The next time you don’t feel motivated, try to workout during a time when both of you can commit. You can even have a healthy competition with your partner that will help you push harder to your goals.

4: Our body’s immunity increases.

When you are happy the levels of antibodies in your body increases, those are the white blood cells that help to fight against bacteria and viruses. Love makes you feel blissfully happy all the time. That means staying in love comes with another welcome health benefit, fewer colds.

In fact, couples with good body immunity tend to travel more often, go out more often on dates, go on more adventures and experiment more with fun choices.


5: It lowers out blood pressure and stress levels.

When we talk about love and affection, oxytocin sometimes called as the “love hormone” plays the central role. A study done at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill suggest that oxytocin lowers the level of stress hormone in the body, reducing blood pressure and improving your mood.

Don’t hold back from holding hands in public, hugging each other often or anything that creates warmth between you and your partner because that releases oxytocin in your body which makes you feel good.


6: It literally makes our heart stronger 

According to neuroscientist Bianca Acevedo, it is the brain where feelings and emotions of love originate but it is the heart that does all the work. It responds by pumping blood throughout the body as the body prepares for something exciting to happen which initiates an increased blood flow throughout the body.

Couples in stable, committed relationship have a healthy cardiovascular health. They are more inclined to express their emotions, have less stress and a positive impact on cholesterol levels.



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