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Perfect with all your imperfections…

Do you feel quite vulnerable on the beach? No wonder! Just think about it: you’re laying on your back, surrounded by strangers, and you’re wearing something minuscule that, just a few hundred meters down, on the boulevard, you wouldn’t be caught dead in! Simply put: the beach has its own set of rules. So when i started designing swimwear, i felt i needed to crack that code. Off i went, on a tour of different beaches in different countries, trying out different states of undress. (And yes, that included an exciting afternoon on a nudist beach.)First of all,
I realized that the closer we are to the actual water, the less we wear. Literally! It’s as if Neptune, that handsome bearded god of the sea, whispers in your ear with each wave: “Go on,
you don’t need all these clothes…” We might swim topless, but put on a bikini-top when we walk over to see a friend. Then, when we decide to get some ice cream on the boulevard, we throw on a shirt or a pareo.
I learned that what works for lingerie, might not make us feel strong and sexyon the beach. Personally, I want to look good on the beach, but not too sexy. More than anything, I want to feel confident. A sensual lace strap or a naughty cut-out – so empowering under a suit skirt – is not going to give me that feeling when I’m strutting through the sand.
How does that affect my designs?
Well, I know most women worry about very specific areas: the breasts, belly and bottom. That’s exactly where I offer security with all my designs. But whereas I use straps in my lingerie, I prefer to fold and pleat the fabric of my swimwear, giving it the fluidity that suits the setting. I want it to feel safe like body armour, but to look like a sexy bikini. I think every woman is beautiful, stunning even. And my ultimate goal is to make you see yourself the way I see you: perfect with all your ‘imperfections’. I like to compare women’s
bodies with trees: would you say one type of tree is too tall, or too stubby? Of course not! Every tree is perfect in its own way. Just like you. To make you realize that, is my life’s mission. Every time someone tells me that because of my designs, they have the courage to wear a bikini for the first time in their lives, I feel like I’m one step closer. (And yes, I allow myself an actual fist pump.)
So when Neptune calls, go! Let that bearded hunk and his sexy triton seduce you, let him bewitch you with the electric energy of his waves. With my swimwear, you’ll be ready…


Marlies Dekkers 

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