How to get out of your head + stop thinking so much during sex (or anytime)

Have you ever found that you can’t stop THINKING during sex?

So many women I speak to tell me they struggle to just ‘switch off’ and enjoy themselves when they’re making love to their partner.

They can be thinking about their performance and wonder if they’re doing the ‘right things’.

They can worry about how their body looks and what their lover is thinking about it.

Or they can just struggle to turn off thinking about all the things they have to do – like the dishes or the washing.

I’ve even had a women tell me she makes a mental shopping list while she’s being intimate with a partner.

Thinking during sex is distracting.

It stops us enjoying ourselves fully. And it gets in the way of deep intimacy.

Because, when we’re caught in our thoughts, we can’t be fully present to our pleasure or our lover.

Today you’ll hear 5 practical tools that you can use to get out of your head and into your body in bed.

Because I want you to be fully present to your pleasure and have loving intimacy in bed.

Take a listen….

From isiah mckimmie

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