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Fall in Love with Yourself First…

Hi ladies! It’s a sunny Tuesday here in Sydney and I felt that it was time to remind you all of how amazing you are and that it’s time to reassess the relationship you have with yourself!  Sometimes life can be overwhelming and we start to lose perspective of who we are as an individual and what our real value is. It’s easy to start to let negative experiences, words, and the treatment and opinions of others start to shape us instead of standing firm and knowing the truth.  Ultimately the relationship you have with yourself  will affect every other aspect of your life,  your future and your happiness. So lets do a quick mental check to make sure we are loving ourselves the right way:

Loving yourself

  • Knowing and acknowledging your self-worth.
  • Not basing your value on your relationships, peoples opinions, past , present , achievements or failures.
  • Understanding that who you are, has and always will be enough.
  • Not letting a man walk all over you, abuse or take advantage of you physically, emotionally, mentally , sexually or in any other means possible.
  • Looking after your appearance, caring about how you look, exercising.
  • Looking after your health internally, outwardly and spiritually.
  • Learning to say no to things that overwork and over commit you beyond your capabilities.
  • Rewarding yourself appropriately.
  • Accepting compliments.
  • Not putting yourself in compromising or toxic situations.
  • Knowing you are worth the wait.
  • Not settling for second best or compromising values and beliefs you know are integral to your health , wellbeing and relationships.

It’s never too late to start changing the opinion of yourself or the situation you have found yourself in . Life sometimes is as complicated as our reaction to it and no one else can do a better job of being you than you! Comparison is the biggest joy killer so wishing that you were thinner, prettier , smarter, richer etc. is not the solution to being happier. Girl you’ve got mountains to move and a world to conquer so keep going!

PS:  Hope this post wasn’t too serious, plenty more laughter and love coming this week xx

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