All About Pleasure with Sarah Marie Liddle

Sarah Marie Liddle has been a Pleasure Coach for over a decade and in this episode I’m speaking with her not only about sexual pleasure but being open to all of life’s pleasures.

Pleasure can seem quite selfish – but if we re-frame our beliefs and let go of our association with “guilty pleasure” we can allow ourselves to take pleasure in its entirety.

We live in such a fast paced world now but by slowing down, being present and mindful, living with intention and attention your energy changes – you see things, feel things, experience things differently.

When we can learn to let go of the ego and step fully into ourselves, life flows and our relationship with the world changes –

– we show up differently

– we experience things from a place of love, and

– we give the best version of ourselves – in life and in the bedroom.

Let’s have fun and explore … all about pleasure.

Sarah Marie Liddle, Pleasure Coach & Host of the Pleasure Rising Podcast is an Aussie-Kiwi obsessed with pleasure – a former lawyer turned pleasure coach. She shows you how to bring pleasure back into your life, relationships & business. Sarah has written for Thought Catalogue, Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, YFS Magazine and more. Learn more on her website or follow her on Insta.

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