The 7 different kinds of orgasms women can have

Today, as part of O Week, we’re talking about one of my favourite topics … the 7 different kinds of orgasms women can have!!

I like to think of all these different kinds of orgasms as just different ‘flavours of pleasure’. Sometimes, I want different orgasms at different times.

Any orgasm is a great orgasm if you ask me. The science behind all of this is fascinating too.

I love sharing on this! This is information that I think every woman and man should have.

Settle in, because in this episode, I’ll be guiding you through the 7 different kinds of orgasms and what they feel like.

In Epic Orgasms, my new online course for women, we look at each different type of orgasm possible in more depth and you’ll get detailed instructions on how to have them. It’s going to be a super fun, juicy course and I cannot wait to share it with you next week. Watch this space!

Isiah McKimmie

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