6 ways Tantra can help you have epic sex

The very first time I walked into a Tantra workshop, I don’t think I was nervous. I don’t think I knew enough about Tantra to be nervous! I really didn’t know what Tantra was. I knew that it was spiritual – and that it had something to do with sex… but that was about it!

I would later learn that Tantra is a spiritual practice and a form of yoga and meditation.

Tantra totally changed my life and, in my journey to learn more about it, I ended up teaching.

Tantra is still part of what I do. Sometimes I share Tantra, but don’t necessarily call it Tantra.

I use it with my clients at times to help couples stop arguments or to reconnect in the bedroom again. It can help women learn to orgasm for the first time, help stop sex being painful or help women feel more confident in their sexuality.

When I mention Tantra to people – I get a whole lot of mixed responses.

Some people are excited and want to know more.

Some say ‘Oh Tantra – right, I’ve heard that Sting does Tantra and he has sex for 9 hours’.

I even once had a client say – ‘Omg, Tantra? Isn’t that group sex?’

So, if you’ve heard me mention Tantra and aren’t sure what it is – don’t worry.
In this episode I’m going to share:

• What exactly Tantra is (and clear up some of the myths and misconceptions around it)
• 6 ways Tantra can help you have mind-blowing sex
• How Tantra can help you have a more loving, connected, harmonious relationship
• And how you can use Tantra in your own life, right away.

I look forward to sharing this with you.

If you’d like to learn even more about Tantra, why not sign up for my next online Tantra workshop?

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