Dating during social distancing is the new norm.

Dating can be challenging at any stage of life, however, with the added difficulty of a pandemic keeping us inside, there is an added hurdle none of us saw coming.

However, you shouldn’t let social distancing get in the way of your dating life. Whether you’re in long term relationship or just looking for love, your dating life should not take a back seat to everything else.

Here are some tips to keep you in the dating game, while practicing social distance.

Get Online

If you’re not currently dating anyone but are looking to meet new people then get online! Online dating is the best way to connect with people outside of your comfort zone and get you chatting with various people in your area.

Whether you’re looking for something long term or just looking for some temporary company, the majority of online dating sites and apps are catered to help you find whatever you are looking for.

You will also be able to meet all kinds of people from different backgrounds, which will get you thinking outside of your type.

Create a profile that works for you.

Online dating can be tricky when creating the perfect profile and selecting the best picture, however, it can also offer you the chance to make a real connection, and considering bars and restaurants are all closed, this is the perfect opportunity to really get to know someone.

Online dating allows for safe and convenient communication that doesn’t have the added pressure of a time commitment. If you really hit it off with some then you can take your date virtual via Facetime or Zoom.

Maintain your mental health

This can be a complex time for any couple, especially with external and internal pressures creeping in from many areas of life. Things like work, family, and even mental health can play a role in negatively affecting your overall well being.

If you find yourself lashing out at your partner ask yourself if your mental health is affecting your relationship, and talk through it with your partner.

Also, be conscientious of the pressure you’re placing on your new-found relationship. If you feel as though you’re in a grey area, having an honest conversation and being direct with your partner will bring more clarity to you and your mental health.

Encourage and communicate

Reassurance can go a long way, especially when many couples are long-distance due to social distancing. Simply sending a daily good morning text or making it a priority to reach out to your partner throughout the day will help remind them how much they mean to you.

Don’t let COVID-19 be an excuse for you or your partner to not communicate your feelings and put the effort into your relationship.

It might seem like the easiest time to check out but you should use this time to enhance your relationship!


Plan Date Nights

Don’t let Corona stop you from planning fun date nights with your boo. Virtual date nights via Facetime or video chatting can not only keep things interesting but they can be a nice break when texting and phone calls become mundane.

If you’re worried about things getting boring then spice things up with virtual cooking dates or having a Netflix party!

Staying connected through date nights will keep the magic alive in the blossoming or already bloomed relationships.

Set time aside to date every week

Date nights are crucial because they enhance the emotional connection between partners, while also being a great way to shake up the everyday routine.

Even though we are stuck at home, use date nights to try each other’s favorite activity, or just virtually rekindle some intimacy.

It lays the foundation and will help keep things fun during these challenging times. Plan a weekly date night, and even recommend you both put some effort into your appearance to show you care. Some gestures like sending flowers before a big date night will show your partner you care.


It’s Not Forever

Although this situation can be frustrating, remember it’s not forever! This can be a great time to get to know your future partner and form a deeper connection.

It will also make the reconnecting part much more satisfying. Communicate your excitement, and even create a bucket list of things to do post-quarantine to get you and your partner excited.

If you’re anxious or apprehensive about rekindling then discuss it with your partner. Talking through your concerns will help to deepen your relationship and understanding of one another.

Getting past anxiety

If your anxiety stems from bedroom related nerves then don’t panic. It’s normal to feel anxious about getting intimate when you haven’t spent time with your partner in months. However, you should never let it define your relationship. If you’re a man worried about trouble performing then consider talking to your doctor about medication or experimenting with your partner.

If you’re a woman, consider a vaginal lubricant to help enhance any sexual encounter or start with the basics and place an emphasis on foreplay.

Last thoughts..

Dating should be a joyful and exciting time in anyone’s life, so don’t let social distancing stop you from meeting new people or maintaining the relationships that mean the most to you.

Creating and maintaining personal connections are important aspects of managing a healthy overall mental state, so date and have fun!

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