Virtual dates are the new norm.

This is an extraordinary time for the world, and it might be a harbinger for a new normal — at least in the coming months.

In this new normal, people will be better off staying at home, where it’s much safer. This might mean fewer night outs, parties, and yes, dates.

Don’t worry, though, because you and the apple of your eye can still date virtually thanks to advancements in technology, like FaceTime and Zoom.

You can even spice up these virtual dates with the help of the ideas below, your own creativity, and that inner romantic in you.

1. Have a virtual cook-off

Eating is a staple of any date, and you can do that, too, in a virtual one. Each of you can order delivery, but why bother when you can cook instead?

To be exact, you can arrange a cook-off! The Cut recommends deciding on a recipe beforehand, then propping up your phone in your kitchen, and cooking together. Alternatively, the two of you can just cook using whatever ingredients are available.

You can even turn this cook-off into a full-on competition, with the challenge being: whoever plates the best dish wins. In this way, you’ll not only prepare your own meal, but you’ll also get that oxytocin — aka the love hormone — flowing.


2. Play Pictionary and other board games

Speaking of competition, why not try to outwit each other in board games? In this case, The Sydney Morning Herald suggests playing Pictionary using Zoom’s whiteboard function. Just grab a set of words, set a timer, and play on.

You’ll surely get a good laugh at each other’s squiggles and wrong answers. Don’t stop with Pictionary, though.

After it, you can choose from a variety of online board games, like Monopoly, Scrabble, and even chess. In the alternative, search long enough online and you’ll find free or play-for-a-fee virtual board games that you and your beloved can enjoy.


3. Make art

Love, indeed, works in mysterious ways, as who would’ve thought that making art — painting, specifically — could strengthen relationships.

Dr. Karen Melton attributes it to the release of oxytocin (again), which happens when couples turn the art-making process interactive.

You can do this virtually, too, through a “paint-off,” but using only art materials available at home.

Then, make the activity interactive by maintaining a lighthearted conversation and encouraging each other (something as simple as “Good job!” works a long ways in this case).

4. Exercise together

Health Sciences professor Scott Lear advises couples to exercise together, as it fosters a stronger connection and attraction between partners.

It can even make both you happier since it releases the mood boosting hormone endocannabinoids and the feel-good hormone endorphins.

So, set up a gym date as soon as possible and choose from a range of workout classes online.

Then, get together via Zoom, play that workout, and start exercising together. For more fun, you might want to try out the dance-based workouts from 305 fitness.

These dances will surely get your heart racing, your endorphins flowing, and your love overflowing. The best part is you can do this 2, 3, or even 4 times a week.

5. Do a spa day together

Getting a spa is another popular date idea, with Grazia writer Chrisanthi Kaliviotis pointing out how the experience equates to bliss.

That’s because it’s intimate, and offers a chance for solace. Good thing then that you and your partner can still do spa day, the long-distance way.

You should consider exfoliating together via FaceTime, as Pretty Me writer Sheena Dizon notes how exfoliation can remove oil build-up from your face, and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and superficial scars.

Both of you can apply facial masks, too, all while getting a relaxing feet-bath and talking over video call. It’ll be bliss and stress relief combined.


6. Have a Q+A

Every moment is a chance to know more about your partner. Know more you will by having a question and answer for your next virtual date.

There are even games, platforms, and questionnaires available online for this very purpose, with the Marcel Proust-popularised Proust Questionnaire among the all-time favourites of couples.

You can even find online the 36 Questions That Lead to Love, along with a range of similar questionnaires that you and your partner can answer together.

For something a little lighter but equally fun and more upbeat, take those online personality quizzes — individually at first, and then simultaneously.

Whatever the results, you and the apple of your eye will bond even more.

7. Get a fix of culture together

Getting a fix of culture will broaden your horizons, and that of your partner’s. This, in turn, will give you a better appreciation of, among other things, the arts, history, music, and even traditions around the world.

Fortunately, you can still get that fix of culture via virtual tours or performances offered by institutions like the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra her in Australia, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the British Museum in the UK, and the New England Aquarium in the US.

Not feeling these choices? Just search online (Google’s Art and Culture Network is a good place start) and you’ll surely find virtual tours that you and your partner will truly enjoy.

Once you find one, take the tour and learn about culture together.


8. Muse about the past, present, and future

Finally, even the simplest things, when done out of love, can be most romantic. In this context, simply staying connected is a big deal already, and you can do it using communication platforms like Avocado.

As you know, communication is key to any relationship (especially the long-distance kind), so do make it a point to get in touch with your partner regularly.

From there, you can talk about anything under the sun. Muse about your past and present, then look forward to your future — together. Just be honest and open, and that future will look bright and full of love.

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