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Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

We all know that if you and your partner have been together for a long time you fall into a pattern, a routine with each other. Especially in the bedroom.. You become comfortable with each other they know what you like and you know what they like. Sometimes dare we say it sex becomes lazy, you know sex is guaranteed so you try a little less. 

Nobody wants to have a boring sex life and okay it may not be fireworks every time but sometimes you need a little extra. So you need to find new ways to make getting hot and heavy under the sheets more fun. We have drawn up a list to get the ball rolling and see if these will help spice things up a little..


We all have those little kinks that we are all secretly wishing to try in the bedroom. Be that anal play, group sex, bondage you name it. None of it is weird as it is done by the masses. Have a sit down with your partner and share all the fun things you’ve wanted to try and I’m sure they’ve wanted to try them too. It can also be a bit of a turn on talking about this with each other. 


You can get really creative with this one and it can be fun for both parties involved. Getting your partner to try out some sex toys on you or you try some out on them can make things a little more exciting in the bed room. 


No I’m not talking a trip to the supermarket or trip down the high street I’m talking going to a sex shop together. Make it a fun part of your date night so when you head home you can enjoy all the goodies you bought. Going to a sex shop with your partner can be fun, it can get you in the mood and you can pick out some things to use on each other. 


Porn isn’t just a solo activity it can be enjoyed together. Use it as a bit of foreplay or swap your usual movie night for a night watching different porn videos. Share what you like to watch and get your partner to share his or hers in return. Watching it together shouldn’t feel weird it should be a fun experience that in return can get things going in the bed room. 


When you’re in a long term relationship those flirty messages from the beginning of the relationship can often slip away when you become more comfortable with each other. So if you have a date night planned or haven’t seen each other all day, spend the day sexting each other. Send flirty messages, tell your partner what you want to do to them when you see them, teasing them throughout the day. So when you met up later that night you can’t wait to get into the bedroom. 


Instead of opting for the bed every time try out some new locations in your home to get it on. Kitchen sex, shower sex or even on the sofa while watching your latest box set are all ways to add something different to your sex life. Even if it is just a different location in your house. Or if you’re up for a completely different location book into a hotel for the night and make a whole night of it.  

These are just a few ways to spice things up in the bedroom with your partner, do you have any that we have missed?

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