These Books On Sex You Should be Reading

Now These are not some corny self-help books that proclaim do this an he’ll be yours. No these are packed full of information and books everyone women and probably every man should read too. These books dive into the topic of sex from a female point of view and focus on exploring female sexuality.

 They give you facts not tips and interview real women on their sexual experiences. In reading these women’s stories you find yourself relating to them immensely and often find you’ve experienced these situations yourself. 

So if you’re looking for a book that will have you screaming hell yes – quite literally – then you should definitely read these books.


Written by the women of The Hotbed Collective Podcast More Orgasms Please is your one stop guide to why female pleasure matters. To owning your pleasure, asking for what you want in the bedroom and not being ashamed of what turns you on. Touching on topics from What exactly is an orgasm, bad and good sex, sexual fantasys, Cunnilingus, porn, anal, becoming a mother and sex as you age plus so much more. Every woman should read this book whether you’re 23 or 83 it not only teaches you so much about female pleasure. It also helps you own your sexual desires and not feel ashamed about how you get your orgasms.

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Orenstein talks to girls aged 17 to 20 those who are seniors in high school to girls in college about their experiences with sex. Touching on losing your virginity to one girl growing up in a religious household where she was taught to save herself for marriage. She also talks about hooking up and the hookup culture on campus. To whether or not oral sex is considered a sexual encounter or just part of an everything but sex hook up. 

This book is packed full of girls stories of their first time having sex, how we date now, their experiences with masterbation and the hook up culture today. Most of these stories you find yourself relating to or have experienced similar situations to them. If you’re in your early twenties you should read this book. 

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Sara Pascoe’s latest novel Sex Power Money touches on these three things. She talks about Sex, the human anatomy and why we enjoy sex. In this section she also talks in depth about masterbating and why it’s a thing we humans do. In her Section on Power Pascoe talks about the porn industry and the power people have over one another. Finally in the money section she talks about why women still like a guy to pay for dinner.

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