Are We Constantly Chasing What’s Next? In Life and Relationships

I read this article in Elle Magazine titled Generation Thank You Next. All about how our generation are constantly moving onto the next thing. Fearing to pick a job or a partner because of the worry that there is something better out there. Not sticking with something long enough before we’re jumping onto the next thing. 

It got me thinking how true this article was, safe to say  it resonated with me.. A lot. I do feel like I’m constantly looking for the next thing. Looking for that job, I will finally love getting up  every morning for. Even when it comes to simple things such as a picking out a new tv show or book to read. We race through them constantly wanting to watch or read or listen to the next thing. I find myself less and less savouring the moments happening right now and find myself constantly thinking what’s next. 

Or when it comes to dating and finding that someone to have a relationship with. Going on dates only to have them fail at the first hurdle. The journalist mentioned this in her article that in “ 1965 a typical woman was married at 21, in 2017 that age had risen to 27. Calling the 6 years in between a browsing period”  Now I’m not saying I’m ready to get married but I feel that we as a generation are settling down less and less because we have too many options we have too many what if’s. Are we using this so called “browsing period” as a mask for not wanting to commit. Constantly thinking What if there’s something or someone better for us out there. Or thinking what if this won’t work out what will I do next.? Read my full post about relationships and options here. 

I think we are always chasing what’s next, whether that be our next date, our next job, Holiday, tv show to binge. Heck even our next meal – let’s face it we’re always looking for our next intake of food but you know what I mean. We need to slow down and stop searching for what’s next constantly.

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