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Yes, today we are covering everything from hooking up, one night stands, orgasms, and even blowjobs. Sex can be messy, sticky, sweaty, and downright awkward, but it can also be amazing, hot steamy and we are talking about all of it today. 

 So while I’ve never been married, had a long-lasting relationship, or lived with someone, I am in the middle of the dating process. Knowing what it’s like, how hard it is, and how crazy it can make you feel. When all we really want is not to be friend-zoned, not to be ghosted and god forbid catch any diseases from our one night stands. It also goes without saying don’t do anything you’re uncomfortable with… If you don’t like something tell your partner. 


Friends with benefits aren’t such a bad thing. In your 20’s you find that more people want a no-strings relationship rather than a serious one. You find yourself having more casual hook-ups than meaningful relationships. With hook-ups, you end up having meaningless sex more and more and end up sending naked Snapchats to the one we like rather than telling them we actually like them.

We are living in a reality of hook-up culture where we are constantly dating and meeting new people with many of us choosing a no-strings relationship over a real one. There’s nothing wrong with that. 

photo via Friends Season 4
photo via Friends Season 4


If we learned anything from Friends about sex is that there are seven erogenous zones… There are SEVEN!!  Yes, there are several ways to get you to the “oh” moment and leave you feeling oh so good. Not only do orgasms make you feel good they are good for you. As women, we literally get to orgasm for fun compared to men who are orgasms serve an evolutionary purpose. Orgasms are proven to boost your immunity, lift your mood, and relieve stress. Don’t be scared to talk about masturbation either, everyone does it. I don’t know why there is such a taboo surrounding the topic of female masturbation guys do it all the time so why don’t we? 

Photo via  @theeverygirl
Photo via @theeverygirl


Remember that episode of Friends when Monica tells the guys that the size of a man’s penis is from the tip of guys thump to the tip of his index finger, yeah? So why are guys so obsessed with the size of their penis? For us women, size doesn’t really matter, sometimes bigger isn’t always better. All we really care about is how he uses it. 

photo via  @satclines
photo via @satclines


We’ve spoken about knowing when it’s the right time to sleep with someone new before and all that really matters is that it is the right time for you. Which is why one night stands aren’t such a bad thing. You are more likely to have a one night stand with a guy you meet on a dating app than start a relationship. We all seem to be living in the reality of looking for what’s next before settling down. In truth, we need to stop giving one night stands such a bad reputation. The worst that can happen is you’re left with a guy who only wanted to sleep with us once but who still likes to watch our Instagram Stories every day.

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