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Dating is hard, while I feel like that is the understatement of the century, it’s true. You’re friends will tell you “oh you’ll meet someone, you’re a catch.” Well I may be a catch but finding someone is hard and dating apps make it much more difficult. They are meant to be an easy way to meet someone and don’t get me wrong all of my dates in the past year have been through dating apps. Yet not one of them has stuck most of them have been after one thing only. While I’m not opposed to a one night stand it gets tiring after a while.  

If you’ve met someone of a dating app & actually developed a relationship all the more power to you. Please give me your tips.. 

Dating apps have become more of a chore rather than fun. Spending the time putting in the effort making your profile. Choosing the right pictures and making yourself an elevator pitch to why people should date you. 

With more and more people being on these apps it seems like the best place to meet people. While I’m still to determine if this is true.  I have tried out a couple apps on & off over the past year or so. While Aberdeen isn’t the best place to get a feel for dating apps. It’s enough to give you a rough idea of the good and the oh so bad side of these apps. 

So today I’m giving you a little run down of the apps and comparing some of the good and bad apps out there.


Let’s dive right in with maybe the most well known, everyone has tried Tinder at some point or another. Everyone has a dating story or two from tinder too. The app that allows you to swipe to your heart’s content has earned a little reputation for becoming purely a hookup app. Where you’re more likely to get a dick pick than a date out of it. Funnily enough Tinder is the one I’ve had most luck with..Dates I mean. Tinder has been the only dating app that has lead to a date or two. And in all fairness I have met a couple of really nice guys through this app. Tinder is fun and whether it leads to a hookup or a series of dates.


I’m quite new to hinge and I still don’t think it’s taken off here in the UK as much yet. It’s a really big one in America. Hinge is a bit more of a social dating app. You can add photos which people can like if they want to match with you. You also get questions you can answer which people can then comment on your answers. I liked Hinge as it was the only app where I felt like you ended up having real conversations with the guys you matched with. The only downside is location settings are really wide. I’ve been matching with people who live in Edinburgh or further and while it’s good it also make things like if you ever wanted to meet them that harder. 


When I first heard of Happen a friend on mine advertised it to me as a dating app where you can really have a conversation with someone you match with. The people on there are more interested in having conversations. This was true but it was still a dating app you always got the one person who only wanted a hook-up. Happen turned out to be one of my favourite dating apps, it was the one I had most interactions with. The one I found if I matched with someone there was more chance of starting a conversation with them as opposed to tinder. 


Bumble is the app for women to make the first move. So when you match with a guy it’s up to the women to message first. You have 24 hours to chat or the match disappears. This way you only really match with people who you’re sure you’re going to make the first move on. Scary for some I know. But I really like the set up of Bumble as it allows you to make the first move. Unlike tinder where you can match with someone then it just sits there for months on end with nobody making the first move. Bumble gives you only 24 hours to make you move. That being said when it came down to it, I wasn’t the best with the opening liners.. Us girls can be just as bad as guys with chat up lines. 

Also With bumble When it comes to same sex matches either one of you can message first too. Win Win.

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