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Prudish Advisers are carefully selected writers, bloggers or professionals in their fields. Our Advisers are sourced from around the globe to bring the best advice to our readers and customers.

Aimee Carmichael writer and blogger established The Realistic Lifestyle just over a year ago. Aiming to be a place of advice and inspiration to every day 20 something women making their way in the world. With a strong interest in Dating and Relationships and what makes people fall in love.
Aimee writes about dating, sex and relationships offering ways to improve your sex life, build better connections and have strong lasting relationships. Told through personal experience and stories heard along the way.

One of Australia’s leading Relationship and Sex Experts, Isiah is a passionate Couples Therapist, Sex Therapist, Sexologist and Tantra expert. A country girl at heart, Isiah takes on the delicate topics of sex and relationships with sass, warmth and a girl-next-door charm. Equally comfortable talking about relationships, intimacy and sex, she brings a fresh face and professional perspective to the arena. Recently featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Isiah is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and is the go-to expert for numerous print and digital publications.
Offering private sessions as a Couples Therapist, Sexologist, Sex Therapist + Coach to women and couples. Sessions are available via SKYPE only anywhere in the world.

Renee Slansky is an Australian TV presenter , writer and motivational speaker , and who’s love for romance and heart for women has compelled her to start The Dating Directory . From a young age she started leading and counselling women and was often called on by strangers and friends for relationship advice. She now writes for some of the largest online dating sites and magazines in the world including The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, Your Tango , Plenty Of Fish , eHarmony and more. She can be heard on the radio or seen on TV regularly, sharing her tips and teachings. Her writings offer a witty and relative outlook with practical advice on life and romance in the 21st century.

Kavita is a Relationship Coach. She has studied ancient eastern philosophy for 20 years, and combines those practices with her studies and experiences in family systems and human behavior to create her own transformational process, called The Parent Work™ .
Our relationships with lovers, spouses, money, our bodies, our kids… are all affected by things that happened between us and our parents or those that raised us in our childhood. And The Parent Work ™ is a unique approach that has helped thousands change the way they operate in their lives by often having one profound conversation…with their parents.
Kavita has dealt with every kind of family situation there is, and supports her clients in breaking through those limiting subconscious patterns, so they can create deep levels of connection and love within themselves, and become the person their meant to be.She has been seen in: CBSNews, Huffington Post, FoxNews, Women’s Health, Women’s Day, and more.

Lisa Brookes Kift, MFT, is the founder of, a jam-packed resource for emotional health and relationships including tools for self-improvement for individuals and couples.  She offers Emotional Health and Relationship Consultations via email, phone or video conference.
A frequent consultant for the media, Lisa has written for news and other online resources such as CNN, HuffingtonPost, Shape and MensHealth.  She lives in Marin County, CA., at the foot of Mt. Tamalpais; is a mom, a wife, a dog owner, a fitness enthusiast and a nature lover.

I came to the U.S. at age of 12 with my mother. We settled in sunny Florida, which was quite a contrast to Minsk. I graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in psychology. Since then I have worked as a counselor. I also have three other blogs and have written seven books.

 The Relationship Blogger was established some years ago by mental wellness and relationship coach, Raymond Baxter. This site began as a home for what he has learned through personal experience and work with individuals in the Mental Health sector, and as a medium for connecting the dots between people to encourage love, clarity, understanding and well-being.

Mark is an established content creator who is passionate about human motivation and psychology, mental health, sexual wellness, and physical fitness. Stemming from the lack of self-help online content oriented toward the LGBTQ community, he built his blog, The Authentic Gay, to meet a global demand for holistic wellness-related information.
It is Mark’s mission to extend mental health advice, sex tips, fitness plans, and other helpful and engaging resources to a global audience interested in ways they can improve their lives. In addition to engaging worldwide readers with his blog, Mark is a contributor to other online self-help publications aimed at helping visitors lead better, healthier lives.
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